Here is a brief review of our meeting on Sunday plus a few discussion questions for Community Group this week.

Matthew read Isaiah 40 as a call to worship.

We sang The Name Above All Names and Jesus Shall Reign.

Matthew read Romans 5:6-11 and we sang Here is Love and You are My King.

Gene announced the new Starting Point class on November 14-15, and Quinton Cools shared his testimony about moving to Midlothian from Portland, Oregon and how church membership has increased his growth and opportunity for impact in the community.

Gene then read Mark 1:35-45 and preached a sermon titled The Master’s Touch as part of the series, Son of God: The Gospel According to Mark.

After the message, we sang The Saving One and Matthew invited Karin Kruger to pray for the country of South Africa in her native tongue of Afrikaans. Her daughter-in-law, Lieze Kruger, translated the prayer into English.

Matthew closed the meeting with a benediction.

Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways does the account of the man with leprosy parallel our life stories?
  2. What was significant about Jesus physically touching the leper? What does this express about our Savior’s character?
  3. Why did Jesus charge the leper to remain silent? What were the ramification’s of the leper’s disobedience?
  4. Gene taught us that when Jesus healed, He was reversing the effect of the fall–but this was meeting only a temporal, physical need. Jesus knew that our ultimate need is salvation. As a body, how can we effectively balance caring for our community’s physical needs while also staying focused on their ultimate need?
Serena joined the office staff team in December of 2015. Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Serena began attending KingsWay when she moved to Midlothian in 2012 - immediately becoming drawn in to the vibrant and diverse community. She received her undergrad degree in Communications and Journalism and is pursuing graduate work in Counseling and Discipleship. Serena works full-time in the non-profit sector and serves on the board of the Bolivia Missions Foundation.


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