On Sunday, October 20, 2019, Josh Kruger preached the message, “A Church Worthy of Honor” as part of our current series, Living with the End in View from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4. Click here for projection from the message. Below are a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week. To listen to this message again, click here.
  1. Josh taught about three of the marks of a healthy church from this passage: Genuine Conversion, Persistent Growth, and Steadfast Hope. Define each of these terms in your own words using this passage of scripture.
  2. Out of the marks above, which do you identify are strengths of our church? Are there specific areas that you see a need for growth?
  3. What desires should a love for God build within us? How does His love compel us to pursue Christlikeness?
  4. What should we do if we find that we are not growing or we have become spiritually stagnant? When was the last time that you felt stagnant in your faith? What can be done practically on a daily basis to either prevent stagnation or thrive in spite of it?
  5. Finally, Josh taught that all strength, power, and dominion are found in Jesus. How will this truth change you this week in your home? In your friendships? As a spouse? A parent?
Sermon audio for this Sunday Review can be found here.
Morgan began attending KingsWay with her family when she was in high school. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA and relocated to Minnesota for work. Morgan moved back to the warmer climate of Richmond in 2015 and became a member of KingsWay in 2016. Morgan owns her own business and likes to read in her free time.


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