On Sunday, May 24, 2020, Matthew Williams preached the message, “God Doesn’t Play Favorites″ over live stream as part of our interim sermon series A Faith that Works. To listen to this message again, click here.
Discussion Questions:
  1. Matthew said that the problem with favoritism isn’t that you are loving some people and not others, but that you are only loving yourself. Think back on the situations where you have shown prejudice or favoritism, does this statement ring true?
  2. Is it easy for you to explain away or excuse your favoritism and prejudice?
  3. In what situations are you using other people to validate yourself?
  4. Is there a specific truth of the gospel (who Jesus is and what he has accomplished) that you can remember to fight the temptation to show favoritism?
  5. At the end of the message on Sunday, were you quick to cry out to God for mercy? Or were you quick to tell yourself to do better?
  6. What is the gospel calling you to do in light of seeing your weakness, insufficiency, and sin?
Morgan began attending KingsWay with her family when she was in high school. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA and relocated to Minnesota for work. Morgan moved back to the warmer climate of Richmond in 2015 and became a member of KingsWay in 2016. Morgan owns her own business and likes to read in her free time.


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