On Sunday, January 27, 2019, Matthew preached the message “The Wounded and the Wayward” from Genesis 35 as part of our current series, re:creation. Below are a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week.  To listen to the message again, visit our Audio Resources page.

Discussion Questions:

1. Briefly list out the experiences of Jacob that we have observed up to this point in scripture. Why does God continue to extend such grace to Jacob? Why is it so important that we reckon with such grace? How do you personally identify with Jacob’s errors?

2. Chris taught that worshiping the God of promise requires surrendering to the God of grace. What does this mean?

3. Chris also taught that God’s promises to Jacob teach us of the Sovereign Power of God. How do you see that playing out time and time again in our study of Genesis? How have you seen God’s Sovereign Power displayed in your own life?

4. How do you feel called to respond to this message? If God has made Himself and His power known to you, how should you respond? Are there things in your life that you run to for security, purpose, identity, etc, that you need to surrender? What practical steps can you take on a daily basis to help you do this? Share with your community group how they can specifically be praying for you in this area.

Serena joined the office staff team in December of 2015. Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Serena began attending KingsWay when she moved to Midlothian in 2012 - immediately becoming drawn in to the vibrant and diverse community. She received her undergrad degree in Communications and Journalism and is pursuing graduate work in Counseling and Discipleship. Serena works full-time in the non-profit sector and serves on the board of the Bolivia Missions Foundation.


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