On Sunday, February 4th, Matthew preached the message “Made in His Image” from Genesis 1:26-31 as the second message in our currentseries re:creationBelow are a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week. To listen to the message again, visit our Audio Resources page. To access the projection from the message, click here.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is a human, defined by this passage? Why is what God sees critical when it comes to defining who we are, even at the most fundamental level?

2. In Genesis 1, note the repeated phrase “after their own kind” in regard to the creation of vegetation and animals. What is different about the creation of man? What is significant about the omission of that particular phrase?

3. When you start viewing others as image bearers of God, what is the result? Do you ever struggle with seeing others in this way? In your own life, what do you see as the root of these struggles?

4. Why is God very careful to address human sexuality in the very first chapter of the Bible? If you find that you are struggling to honor God with your sexuality, what does it look like to “go public” with that struggle as Matthew taught?

5. What is the difference between viewing our sexuality as a curse, verses something that has been cursed? Where do you fall on this spectrum currently? Where have you fallen historically?

6. What does it mean to “fill the earth and subdue it” from a biblical worldview? What does it not mean? How have you seen other worldviews, secular or otherwise, distort this command?

Serena joined the office staff team in December of 2015. Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Serena began attending KingsWay when she moved to Midlothian in 2012 - immediately becoming drawn in to the vibrant and diverse community. She received her undergrad degree in Communications and Journalism and is pursuing graduate work in Counseling and Discipleship. Serena works full-time in the non-profit sector and serves on the board of the Bolivia Missions Foundation.


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