On Sunday, February 11th, Matthew preached the message “Jesus is Our Sabbath Rest” from Genesis 1:31 – 2:3 as the next message in our currentseries re:creationBelow are a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week. To listen to the message again, visit our Audio Resources page. To access the projection from the message, click here.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is day seven different than days 1-6 in the creation narrative found in Genesis 1?

2. Matthew taught that the work God does is supremely good. How do we know this is true? What is the significance of the fact that God’s work is not only good but also complete? Why is this truth so powerful in the life of a Christian?

3. Why did God choose to rest? Why did God set the seventh day apart, making it holy?

4. Where do we discover the path to the rest we need? How did God bring us an enduring spiritual rest through Jesus Christ?

5. What has been your adult experience with work and rest? Have you ever struggled with viewing rest as less dignified than work? What is the root of this sin?

Serena joined the office staff team in December of 2015. Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Serena began attending KingsWay when she moved to Midlothian in 2012 - immediately becoming drawn in to the vibrant and diverse community. She received her undergrad degree in Communications and Journalism and is pursuing graduate work in Counseling and Discipleship. Serena works full-time in the non-profit sector and serves on the board of the Bolivia Missions Foundation.


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