On Sunday, March 22, we’ll watch a short video highlighting some of the domestic missions work our family of churches has helped fund over the last year. This is the first of 3 quarterly videos Sovereign Grace is producing in 2015.

We’re going to watch this for two reasons. First, so you can realize the difference your giving to Kingsway is making around the country. After several years of financial hardship, we took a step of faith in 2015 and began setting aside 2.5% of our regular tithes and offerings to support the Sovereign Grace mission fund. We hope to see that number grow closer to 10% in the near future. But for now we’re thrilled to be able to contribute $15,000, Lord willing, to our denominational mission by the end of 2015.

Here’s the second reason. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. I’m grateful we begin giving from our general church budget to the Sovereign Grace mission fund. But it’s easy for that to be a little too disconnected from my own wallet. I give to Kingsway, Kingsway gives to Sovereign Grace, etc. I want to be more directly involved. That’s why Aliza and I have personally given monthly financial support to the Sovereign Grace Mission Fund for the last few years. It helps keep my heart engaged in what God is going in our family of churches and reminds me to pray for other churches besides Kingsway! God’s work is not limited to our congregation in our little part of Virginia and nor should our financial support.

Watch the video now. Watch it this Sunday. And ask God to show you how your family can get behind one of seven unique giving opportunities in the Sovereign Grace 2015 Mission Fund:

  • Greatest need
  • Unreached People Groups
  • United States Regional Church Planting
  • Latin America
  • Pacific Rim
  • Pastors College
  • Africa

In case you didn’t receive a Mission Fund booklet on your way out last Sunday, the ushers will have extra copies available on your way into the auditorium this weekend.

Matthew Williams grew up attending KingsWay and joined the pastoral staff in 2009. God has blessed him and his wife, Aliza, with three rambunctious boys, Ethan, Micah, and Tyler. Matthew did his undergraduate work at the University of Richmond in chemistry and political science, spent a year at the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s College, and is nearly finished with his Masters of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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