Operation Christmas Child is an amazing program that connects needy kids with the life transforming good news of Jesus Christ. Right now, all over the world, in churches, schools, and homes shoe boxes are being filled with ordinary items that God is using to show His love and care for children in need all over the world.

Why fill shoeboxes?

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own toothbrush instead of sharing it with the rest of the kids in the orphanage? Or maybe, imagine having a toy that was actually yours?

Kids all over the world simply have nothing.  These shoe boxes are bringing joy to children in desperate situations and extreme need.  More importantly they are connecting God’s love for them through what we put in the boxes.

On Sunday November 16th, here at KingsWay, we will be hosting our first packing party for Operation Christmas Child.  Tables will be set up in the foyer after the Sunday service to fill and pack shoe boxes.

We have been working hard over the last few months to gather, make and collect items for these boxes.  So many have been very generous.  We are so thankful for all that has been donated so far.  A lot is still needed.

What can you do to help?


  • Mark your calendars and plan to join us in our first Operation Christmas Child Packing Party after the service on Sunday.
  • Look over the list of items we need and see if you might be able to help donate some  special treasures for the boxes.
  • Consider sponsoring a box or two.  It costs $7 to sponsor each box.  If you go online and sponsor a box here, bring your label and put on one of the boxes we pack.  This way you can track your package.
  • Prayer!  Please pray for the child receiving the boxes, especially for their salvation.


Items Needed:

Small Stuffed Animals: 50
Stamp ink pads:  12
Washcloths: 100   Huge need!
Toothpaste: 31
Toothbrushes: 17
Combs or small brushes:  56
Bar Soap:  8 (mild or unscented please)
Pencil Sharpeners:  55
Pens & Pencils:  LOTS!!  We currently only have enough for 2 to 3 per box.
Gum / Hard Candy / Non-Chocolate Candy:  Lots!
Balls:  50 (Must fit in shoebox)  Tennis ball / Bouncy Ball / Nerf /  Baseballs
Cloth Reusable Bags:  60  (A rich blessing to kids even to carry box home)
Chapstick ( No lip gloss):  50
Boy Clothes:  Ages 2-4 or 10-14.  T-shirts, underwear, hats, shorts, etc.

Boy Career Box Items:

Small Hammers: 15
Pliers:  15
Tape Measure: 8
Carpenter Pencils: 15
Nails / Screws in Small Containers:  8
Screwdrivers / sets: 4
Work Gloves: 15
Bungie Cords: 15
Other items like: zip ties, string, duct tape, small level.

Other needed items:

Photographs of Children / Family and a letter to child especially if sponsoring a box

Craig wears many hats at Kingsway. Besides serving as one of Community Group Leaders, he also manages our facilities, directs our community partnerships, and provides staff support for Kingsway’s mercy ministries, including the food pantry. Craig has served humbly and heroically in our office since 2009.


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