Youth and Children's Ministry

King’sKids (Nursery – 11 years old)

King’sKids uses The Gospel Project Curriculum which walks kids through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in three years. Each week, the children will watch a short video about a Bible story, learn about how each story connects to Christ, and will get a take home sheet and trading card to help parents continue to discuss Biblical truths with their children through the week.

Open from 9:45-Noon:
+ Nursery (up to 2 yrs old)
+ 2-4 year olds

The ages below will remain with their parents through worship and then will be dismissed for class:
+ 5-6 year olds
+ 7-8 year olds
+ 9-11 year olds

If you are visiting for the first time, please visit the King’sKids Desk in the foyer to register your child(ren) before the meeting.

Frontline (Middle and High School Students)

Frontline is our ministry for middle and high school students and their parents. We meet regularly throughout the month for times of worship, fun & games, teaching, and small groups. The following represents a typical schedule for Frontline:

1st Wednesday – Off / Adventure!
2nd Wednesday – Small Groups
3rd Wednesday –  Frontline Together
4th Wednesday – Small Groups

What are Small Groups?
We do life together in small groups, studying God’s truth in regular community. We offer three small groups:
1. High school girls
2. High school guys
3. Middle school girls & guys

What is Frontline Together?
At these monthly meetings we introduce Gospel-centered, biblically-based sessions and an environment to invite unbelieving friends and neighbors. After each session, we break into our small groups for a Q&A to discuss application.

What are these “adventures”?
On our off weeks, we like to plan fun adventures such as volleyball games, pumpkin carving competitions, and Christmas gift giving, depending on the month and season!

A Word to Parents

If you’re a parent, then you are an essential part of God’s plan for next-generation ministry. No Sunday school, no youth group, no church leader can replace your role in the life of your child. At KingsWay, we’re committed to helping parents learn to fulfill their God-given responsibility in the context of community with other parents. So download the King’sKids scripture songs and homework sheets to teach your 4 year old. Come to a Frontline meeting with your 11th-grader and participate in the parent training segment. Spend a Friday night snow-tubing with your 6th-grader and learn to laugh together. Find a place where you can link arms with other dads and moms to receive the real hope and help that only God can provide.


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