How are you involved in missions?

1) Partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches (SGC)

As a Sovereign Grace church, we pool financial resources with other like-minded churches to fund church planting and pastoral training in the United States and beyond. Sovereign Grace Ministries has also coordinated relief efforts in response to natural disasters around the globe. More information on the Sovereign Grace Ministries missions fund is available here.

2) Full-time Missionary Support

We are grateful for the relationships God has given us with three full-time missionary families who are laboring to share the gospel in southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. In addition to monthly financial support, our elders provide pastoral care for these families through regular phone calls and periodic on-site visits.

3) Short-term Missions Teams

Maria and Chris Deloglos have had a relationship with the Sovereign Grace church in La Paz, Bolivia for several decades, due to Maria having grown up in Bolivia. These relational ties have enabled us to send short-term missions teams from KingsWay to Bolivia throughout the year. In 2012, a group of members from our church also created the Bolivia Missions Foundation, enabling us to provide financial support for evangelistic and social justice initiatives around the country.


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