Thursday afternoons are one of the most exciting times to stop by the building as a team of volunteers from KingsWay provides groceries for local individuals and families in need. But physical provision is only the start. In the course of praying for each of our guests, we have watched God provide physical healing, financial provision, and spiritual salvation.

We prayed that God would heal Vickie of her cancer. She came back a month later joyfully reporting that the cancer was dissolving. Vanessa, hungry for a new job, showed up looking for housing assistance. We gave her food and joined her in praying that God would bless her with a job. Two weeks later she shared that she got a job with benefits the day after we prayed. Lawrence came to get food and has been serving on Thursdays ever since. He is no longer a man tossed aside by society. He is a man finding a home and a family where he is valued and loved. Another woman shared with tears of joy how the food pantry and Kingsway have made God real to them and cared for them in a way that led them to Jesus.

Without our building, men and women struggling with desperate needs would not have a safe place to experience the love of God in community.

If you would like to book our building for an event, please fill out our building request form, and our event coordinator will be in contact with you as soon as possible with availability.


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