Community Groups

Our identity in Jesus is intrinsically corporate.

To become a Christian is to be united with the body of Christ, a union we embrace and express through covenant membership in our local church. The church isn’t a religious support group. It’s not a result of our sins and weaknesses. It’s a result of our identity in Christ. It’s the context God ordained for enjoying a growing relationship with him because it’s only through relationship with other Christians that we’re able to do the things that enable us to enjoy a growing relationship with him – treasure Christ, pursue authentic community, and love our neighbors. There is no category in Scripture for following Jesus and not being an active, faithful member of a local church.

When you become a member at KingsWay, you assume a significant measure of spiritual responsibility for every other member of our church. These spiritual responsibilities are clearly laid out in our church covenant. In a church our size, however, it’s difficult to walk out these responsibilities in the same way with every other member. For that reason, we’ve established something called Community Groups.

Community Groups are small groups of 8-10 adults who help one another follow Jesus in every area of life. They become the primary people with whom we treasure Christ, pursue authentic community, and love our neighbors. It’s a safe place to be real about our failures, honest about our strengths, and learn to follow Jesus in the middle of it all. This is the basic structure of life at KingsWay.

To get involved, search the list below to find a Community Group near you. Then contact the group leader to let them know you’re interested in visiting. Any one of them would love to answer questions about our church and help you get connected.

Bon Air Community Groups

Heplers’ Community Group
Leaders: Eric and Kitty Hepler
Meeting Day: Tuesday
Phone: 804.874.3915

Eric and Kitty grew up in western New York State and recently celebrated 40 years of marriage. They have three children and four grandchildren. Eric is the principal of an architectural firm and Kitty works for a regional bank. Bon Air is home where they have friends and family visit, host community group, and jump on their bikes to take a spin.

Robertsons’ Community Group
Leaders: Bruce and Mercy Robertson
Meeting Day: Tuesday
Phone: 804.218.2801

Mercedes is Mexican by birth and grew up in Chicago.  Her and Bruce have been married for 38 years and have lived in Bon Air and been part of Kingsway for 30 years.  Bruce is a Land Surveyor and Mercy works at St. Francis hospital as a lactation consultant.  They have 5 grown children, 3 grandchildren and enjoy wine tastings, rock concerts and sitting on the beach.

Shanks’ Community Group
Leaders: Bob and Kathryn Shanks
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Kathryn and Bob Shanks met at the University of Iowa, moved to Richmond to get married, and decided to stay. They joined KingsWay when their four kids were young. When he is not doing real estate work, Bob enjoys talking about ideas or fooling around on the guitar. Kathryn loves teaching classes for homeschooled students, and in the KingsKids 9-11’s class. She enjoys writing, theatrical costuming, debate, and their grandkids. They also enjoy serving together on the board of a local homeschool support group.

Powhatan/Cumberland Community Group

Roziers’ Community Group
Leaders: Shawn and Shawnee Rozier
Meeting Day: Wednesday
Phone: 804.201.7086

“Yes our names are almost matching. And we were almost born on the same day –except Shawnee is exactly a week older.”

Shawn grew up in and around Metro Atlanta, GA and Shawnee grew up on 160 acre wheat farm in Kansas. We met at and graduated from Liberty University. We have six children and two grandchildren. Shawnee loves reading, history, gardening, chickens and anything outdoors. Shawn loves sports, Mazdas, and watching movies. Shawn works at Henrico Social Services and Papa Johns. Shawnee teaches high school homeschool college prep classes.

Midlothian Community Groups

Khoffies’ Community Group
Leaders: Kevin and Mavis Khoffie
Meeting Day: Friday
Near Chesterfield Towne Center
Phone: 804.858.4234

Kevin and Mavis grew up about two bus stops from each in Ghana but never met. They both left for the UK and US in 1999 respectively and met at a church in Springfield, Northern VA. They were married in 2006 and are proud parents of 3 daughters. Kevin works for a German financial services firm with an office in Richmond and Mavis is a homemaker. They both love soccer, music, travelling, baking, and taking walks together.

John and September Robertsons’ Community Group
Leaders: John and September Robertson
Meeting Day: Thursday
Phone: 804.617.5325

John and September met in a church in the Northern Virginia area and relocated to Richmond in 1989. They have four grown children and have been members of Kingsway since 1990. They both are thankful for being a part of KingsWay, enjoy a variety of music genre’s and look forward to date nights.

Swanks’ Community Group
Leaders: Bob and Lynn Swank
Meeting Day: Thursday
288 and Midlothian Turnpike
Phone: 804.349.4187

Bob and Lynn Swank are Iowa natives and high school sweethearts. They moved to Richmond in 2005 for a job relocation and joined KingsWay shortly after. They have three adult children and love home improvement projects, sports, and entertaining.

Williams’ Community Group
Leaders: Ted and Kim Williams
Meeting Day: Thursday
Neighborhood: Walton Park
Email: or
Phone: 804.379.4632

Ted and Kim are grateful for the impact KingsWay has made on their lives for the past 29 years. They have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Ted works as a physician for Bon Secour. They enjoy running, gardening, and cooking.


Richmond Community Groups

Ledons’ Community Group
Leaders: Daniel and Geneva Ledon
Meeting Day: Friday
Neighborhood: North Chesterfield
Phone: 786.286.8915

Daniel and Geneva were both born in Florida and met in their very early teen years. Daniel moved to Richmond in 2012 and Geneva followed in 2015 after they got engaged. They married in April 2016 and welcomed their first child, Nehemiah, on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Daniel and Geneva love opening their home to others and making people feel welcomed and loved. Daniel sells life insurance and also works at T-mobile while Geneva cares for their son, Nehemiah, and finishes her BS in Healthcare Administration from Liberty University Online. They both enjoy photography, spending time in the city, going to coffee shops and forming new friendships.

Martinez’ Community Group (Conducted in Spanish)
Leaders: Jorge and Siomara Martinez
Meeting Day: Friday

Jorge and Siomara have been members at KingsWay since 2014 along with their three sons, Dylan, Daniel, and David. They have a heart for the growing Latin community at KingsWay. Their community group meetings are conducted solely in Spanish.


Short Pump Community Group

Gianninis’ Community Group
Leaders: Matthew and Rebekah Giannini
Meeting Day: Thursday

Matthew and Rebekah married in 2004 and moved to Richmond in 2006. They have two kids and as a family they love playing games and watching American Ninja Warrior. Matthew is a software developer and Rebekah homeschools their children.


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