This weekend, Sovereign Grace Churches around the country received the following message form Mark Prater, Executive Director of Sovereign Grace Ministries. As you join other believers around the nation in praying for Houston and victims of Hurricane Harvey, ask the Lord if he would have you go to Houston or give financially in order to support relief efforts.

We call ourselves a “family of churches” because that’s who we are, a family. Being a “family of churches” has many expressions including the one that is happening right now in Houston. Sovereign Grace Church-Pearland, TX is located among neighborhoods, south of Houston, that experienced quite a bit of damage because of Hurricane Harvey. Two families in the church lost their homes. And the members of SGC-Pearland have been reaching out to, and helping their neighbors clean up looking for gospel opportunities. In addition, the South-Central Region, led by Billy Raies, has asked Aaron Mayfield, an elder at Redemption Hill Church in Austin, TX, to be the point person to coordinate teams of volunteers who can travel to Houston and help with the clean up and rebuilding efforts. Aaron is in Houston now, and I spoke to him yesterday on the phone. After hearing about the needs there, I asked Aaron to send me an e-mail that I could send to you. Please see Aaron’s e-mail below. If your church can help, or send volunteers, please let Aaron know (see below for contact info).

One other thing, I pasted a testimony below that Billy Raies sent me. It’s one story that describes the impact that members of Sovereign Grace Church-Pearland is having.



First off, please continue to pray fervently. God hears our prayers! Pray for those whose homes have been destroyed. Pray for those whose homes are flooded but are salvageable. Pray for those who have lost loved ones in the midst of this horrific storm. Ask our heavenly Father to be their comfort. Pray for more volunteers to come help these families start putting their lives back together. I can give you lots more prayer categories, but please pray!

Our greatest need right now is more volunteers to come and help gut these homes. Volunteers don’t need to have any experience or special training. We have more work than we can handle and are having to turn people away who are asking for our help due to a lack of people. We need men and women who can swing hammers and carry trashed sheetrock out of the house. We need women who can help comfort the many families who are still in shock at the devastation this storm has brought into their lives. We’ve even had two 10 year old boys volunteering alongside us the past few days who are getting a lot of good work done!

Sovereign Grace Church of Pearland has been actively working in the community surrounding the church offering help to the innumerable families in need. Many of these families simply don’t know what to do but stare at their wrecked homes. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve this community and demonstrate the beauty of the gospel through sacrificial service.

We need people to come, and we also need people to give. Rather than sending items with great intentions but that the victims will have little need for (which is heartbreaking for everyone), cash donations are much more effective as it allows people to buy exactly what they actually need, when they need it. Sovereign Grace has set up a fund where the money donated will go directly to helping victims. Giving here will allow us to purchase the supplies actually needed at the time we need them. Giving financially (rather than a personal gift like stuffed animals or other very thoughtful gifts) may feel less personal but it is actually one of the most compassionate things you can do that will serve the hurricane victims immediately and in the hard months ahead as they seek to put their lives back together. Here’s the link for the relief fund:

Friends, we thank God for the gospel partnership we enjoy and the very tangible expressions of that partnership that continue to make Sovereign Grace Churches the family that it is. We thank God for each of you and for all the support we have received so far.

If you can send volunteers, or if you have any questions, please e-mail Aaron Mayfield at or text/call at 512-618-8834.

A Testimony
Like so many others, my twin brother Steve Manning lost everything in the flood. So my family showed up today ready to help clean up. Turns out Sovereign Grace Church Pearland adopted the block sending a team of angels to get the job done. They worked all day, tearing down sheetrock, pulling up wood floor, moving soaked furniture, mattresses, etc. All with no electricity or AC. They showed up with a generator, fans to dry out sheetrock, gloves, tools and they were amazing! So much work done today, yet so much work left … yes, they will be back tomorrow. A huge thank you to Sovereign Grace Church for moving into action, Steve is overwhelmed with gratitude for your service. There is no way we could have gotten as much done today without your help.

Mark Prater is the Executive Director for Sovereign Grace and serves as an elder at Covenant Fellowship Church. He and his wife, Jill, have three married daughters and a growing number of grandchildren.


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