Ever wonder if God answers prayer? Seems like God is answering that question for me every week over the last few months at the Food Pantry.

This week was no exception. I am still affected by it to be honest. In the midst of the chaos of putting in food in bags and beginning to bring folks in to pray and get food…God stopped us in our tracks.

One of our guests, Vickie, said there something that she had to tell us. When she stopped by for food last month we had prayed for her, including a prayer that God would heal her of cancer. Well when she went to her doctors appointment recently her doctors were astounded. The cancer was dissolving away. God had healed her.

Vickie went on to share her story with other guests who were waiting for food. That is powerful testimony of a real God who cares and really answers our prayers. It is one thing to hear about stories like this, but to be there for it was remarkable. Like I said, I am still affected.

I think this is the third time in the last few weeks that someone has been healed in the Food Pantry. Is God real and does he answer prayer? Yes. Most definitely yes.

Craig wears many hats at Kingsway. Besides serving as one of Community Group Leaders, he also manages our facilities, directs our community partnerships, and provides staff support for Kingsway’s mercy ministries, including the food pantry. Craig has served humbly and heroically in our office since 2009.


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