Ever felt a nudge from God to do something? Pray for someone?

Two weeks in a row, I’ve watched God call people to serve in the food pantry so he could use them. This week it was a woman, Mrs. W, who has herself come to Kingsway for food. When I first met her, she said that she and God were at odds. Yesterday she felt that she needed to come to Kingsway to volunteer along with her kids. Life is busy. She didn’t know if she should. Then her sister stopped by to say she needed a ride to get food at Kingsway. She was amazed. God really wanted her to volunteer at the food pantry. So she loaded her kids and sister and came over.

At the same time, another woman, Mrs. T, is wrestling with life. She’s going through a very tough divorce and her husband just took her daughter away from her. Did I mention she’s also fighting cancer? Like Mrs. W, Mrs. T has a friend who needs a ride to Kingsway for food. Her friend is homeless and currently living out of her car. Mrs. T agrees to take her friend to Kingsway and drives over.

As both groups settled in the waiting room, God went to work. First, a women from Kingsway who volunteers in the Food Pantry offered to pray with Mrs. T. Then Mrs. W came over, held Mrs. T’s hands, and began to pray for her. I walked over from the Red Cross blood drive in the Seminar Room to check on the Food Pantry and immediately sensed God was doing something in the waiting room outside the kitchen. More and more people kept gathering around Mrs. T to pray. Before long, every person in the waiting room (children, adults, those serving, those being served) was bowed in prayer. Wow. I so wish everyone could have been part of that moment. You would never wonder if God was real or if He answers prayer because there was no doubt he was there right then. I was so affected by the evident power of the Holy Spirit in the room. I still am. I will never for the rest of my life forget that moment.

After the prayers, we took food to the car with Mrs. T and her friend. The ladies looked at each other and said…”Wow, what just happened to us?” Someone answered, “You just met God.”

That’s just one day in the Food Pantry. Rarely are they the same. What doesn’t change is that every week God meets us and uses us for His glory. I can’t encourage you enough to volunteer.  As a Christian, we shouldn’t be surprised when God nudges us to get involved in his work. His mission is our mission. It isn’t a burden. It’s a joyful gift to be used by Him to share the gospel or to care for someone in need.

Craig wears many hats at Kingsway. Besides serving as one of Community Group Leaders, he also manages our facilities, directs our community partnerships, and provides staff support for Kingsway’s mercy ministries, including the food pantry. Craig has served humbly and heroically in our office since 2009.


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