What? A food pantry that doesn’t just serve food? What does the KingsWay food pantry do then?

Our food pantry does provide food. But it isn’t, and hasn’t been, the focus of what we do. Care, prayer, and a heart for sharing the gospel is a more accurate description. Food is a need, but so much more is going on the lives of those showing up for food each week. The food pantry is an agent of care for our community. The best way to see that is to give you a snap shot of God at work through the pantry during this past week to illustrate.

On Sunday of last week, a call comes in from a family out of food and out of money for gas to visit our food pantry. In such circumstances, we normally find a Kingsway family who can deliver the food they need. This week, the Lord put it on my heart to be the one that delivered the food.  When I arrived on Monday afternoon, the family was in crisis. The gentleman who called for food had an older daughter that was being raised by his Mom. Twenty minutes before I arrived the Dinwiddie police were at the home because the mom was threatening the daughter’s life. Panic and chaos rained in the house. What to do? They were in Richmond, and daughter was in Dinwiddie. There was no gas in the car and they didn’t know if they could bring daughter home if they drove to Dinwiddie.

They were afraid for their daughter’s safety. And I’m convinced that’s why God had me there.  Calmly, I brought the food in, we talked, and then we prayed. Peace began to reign in the household. God was at work. We put gas in the car, and after a time I left so they could drive to Dinwiddie. The next morning I got a call that everything we asked God to do had happened. They had their daughter. She ended up in the Emergency Room all night, but was ok. God revealed himself and his love for this family in the midst of adversity.

On Tuesday afternoon, another woman who has been coming to the food pantry called. She just learned that she lost her home to foreclosure and had to be out of her home by the 1st of October. She was alone, scared and not well. We talked and prayed. I called around to a few folks and assembled a team (largely from Kingsway) to help her move. God was kind and provided a break in the rain. The home was full…very full. Praise God, by the time it grew dark, the home was largely empty. Without the church stepping up and caring for this single mom in desperate need she likely would have lost most everything. Again, in the midst of adversity, God revealed himself though those serving. The woman contacted me this morning so thankful and appreciative of the care she received.  Special thanks to the Schwartz family, Bill Troiano, Peggy Searle and Smith family.

Yesterday, we held our normal, weekly food distribution at the KW building. Food will go out, but that’s not the only story. Every week there are stories – some on Thursdays, some during the rest of the week. Want to see God at work and be part of one of these stories? Volunteer at the food pantry, deliver food to home-bound families, or provide a ride to church on Sunday mornings to a family who lacks transportation.

Craig wears many hats at Kingsway. Besides serving as one of Community Group Leaders, he also manages our facilities, directs our community partnerships, and provides staff support for Kingsway’s mercy ministries, including the food pantry. Craig has served humbly and heroically in our office since 2009.


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