Sermon Series

Subscribing to our English or Spanish sermon podcast is the easiest way to stay current on what God’s teaching our church family. Click on our graphic below for the audio recordings of our current series, Life in the Son. These messages will be live streamed at this link every Sunday at 10am. Feel free to share any of these resources.

A Community Like No Other

A series on Biblical Community.

A Faith that Works

Wisdom for real life from the book of James.

Assured of Salvation: The Study of 1 John

An exegetical study in the book of 1 John.

Dominion: The Book of Daniel

An exegetical study in the book of Daniel.

Fear Not: Encouragement from the Psalms

We have better reasons to trust God than to fear.

Guest Speakers

Life in the Son

An exegetical study in the book of John.

Living with the End in View: A Study in 1 & 2 Thessalonians

This is a study in 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Men's Ministry

Special sessions shared at KingsWay Men's Ministry Events.


An exegetical study in the entire book of Genesis.

Songs of Lament

A series on the topic of lament based on Psalms of David that focus on lamentation.

Special Occasions

Sermons by guest pastors or KingsWay elders on special occasions outside of our regular sermon series.

Sunday Matters

Why does the weekly assembly of the people of God matter so much? What exactly does God want us to do when we gather? Over the next seven week we will be answering these questions in a series entitled, Sunday Matters.

The Five Solas

This series studies the Five Solas of the Reformation: Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, To the Glory of God Alone.