Perhaps no other season makes us pray like Advent does: longing, struggle, anticipation, thanksgiving, rejoicing, aching, and adoration all bring us to our knees. We are preparing to celebrate Jesus’ coming while we yearn still for His second coming.

Art is a gift that allows us to express realities that are often too deep, too perplexing, and too wonderful for words alone. Immanuel, God with us. That is the richest of all. So why not make art at Christmas time? What if art was just a way of turning prayers inside out, to be seen and shared?

The Advent Art Project is a collection of “visible prayers” gathered from the church and displayed on the walls of our building to encourage each other and prepare our hearts for Christmas. Each week of Advent, more pieces are added.

Now, not everyone calls themselves an “artist” – but we all know how to pray. The childlike ramblings and the desperate cries, the whispers and the declarations, Jesus cherishes them all. Anyone can participate in this project by making art. Any medium, any size, any style. The only requirement is that it be yours and that it be God-ward.

The Advent Art table is available in the foyer on Sunday mornings to collect, facilitate, and inspire. Need a springboard?

  1. Ask a question based on the weekly theme: “What does Hope, Peace, Love, or Joy look like?”
  2. Take a Scripture that assures us of our Hope, Peace, Love, or Joy and illustrate it.
  3. Let one of the rich Messianic Psalms from the sermons inspire you.
Matthew grew up attending KingsWay and joined the pastoral staff in 2009. God has blessed him and his wife, Aliza, with three rambunctious boys. Matthew did his undergraduate work at the University of Richmond in chemistry and political science, spent a year at the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s College, and received his Masters of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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