As I mentioned in our newsletter last Friday, we want to care for you by providing pastoral guidance on how to think, feel, and act biblically in response to the racial prejudice and injustice we’re navigating as a community and nation. These are painful issues. They are also issues of tremendous biblical importance. God has much to say and we need to take time to listen.

The limited attendance and abbreviated nature of our Sunday services prompted us address this topic by video instead of in person. Our goal isn’t to avoid dealing with tough issues. Our goal is to communicate in a way that enables as many of you as possible to benefit. Please take some time this week to listen carefully with an open Bible and a humble heart. As you’ll see, this is not a short message. The topic is simply too important. By all means watch it in pieces if that serves you.

Thanks for continuing to come to your pastors with the spiritual questions and burdens on your heart. We make no pretense of addressing all of them in a single video. Our hope is simply to lay a biblical foundation on which we can continue to build and grow.

Grace & peace,

Transcript of this video.
Morgan began attending KingsWay with her family when she was in high school. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA and relocated to Minnesota for work. Morgan moved back to the warmer climate of Richmond in 2015 and became a member of KingsWay in 2016. Morgan owns her own business and likes to read in her free time.


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